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Kitchen Hood Cleaning

We provide certified hood, duct and fan cleaning to ensure that your exhaust system is well maintained, up to code and meets NFPA standards. We are commercial kitchen exhaust system experts.

A properly functioning kitchen exhaust system is critical to your business and your bottom line. When properly maintained, your exhaust system will provide you with years of trouble free service.

Don't neglect your kitchen's vital systems. Contact us for a quote.


Success story...

​“Across 15 years of restaurant ownership, APEX has been the best hood vent servicing company I've worked with. They take the scheduling headache away which never leaves me out of code on an inspection, and they are super helpful with each location's particular needs. Hood cleaning is a realm of the restaurant business that has a LOT of unethical players. APEX, however, is refreshingly professional, responsive and reasonable. Highly recommend.”

-John Fortin of Rox Diner, Toast Office, and Grateful Dedham Diner

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We serve healthcare facilities, hospitals, nursing facilities, schools, universities, retail establishments, restaurants, municipal buildings, property management groups, sporting and entertainment facilities, commercial buildings, offices and even food trucks!

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