Clean air indoors means keeping air duct and vent systems in working order. This is essential for the health of your customers, employees, friends and family members. As a business, it's also important for your bottom line because regular maintenance avoids costly repairs. Our indoor air quality specialists are experts at air cleaning.

Ask the experts

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What do facilities managers need to know?

Apex is a National Air Duct Cleaners Association member company and follows NADCA's cleaning standards of Assessment, Cleaning and Restoration of HVAC systems. Apex uses NADCA's applied source removal technique that uses negative air machines, air tools and mechanical brushes to clean air ducts. This process does not include chemicals or any fragrances because there is no need with this thorough cleaning structure.

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Air Cleaning Checklist

Duct work, filters, dryer vents, kitchen hoods and exhaust vents - be sure that all areas are inspected, cleaned, and repairs made if necessary

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How often should I have my air duct system cleaned?

Air duct systems should be cleaned periodically to ensure optimal indoor air quality. In high traffic or high pollution areas, more frequent cleanings are recommended.

Kitchen exhaust and hood systems require standard cleanings according to use:

Monthly - Systems serving solid fuel cooking operations (wood or charcoal)

Quarterly - Systems serving high-volume cooking operations, such as 24-hour cooking, charbroiling, or wok cooking

Semi-Annually - Systems serving moderate-volume cooking operations

Annually - Systems serving low-volume cooking operations such as churches, day camps, seasonal businesses or senior centers

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When do my filters need to be replaced?

Filters should be changed at the beginning (or end) of every season. Four times per year.

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Does my air cleaning company have liability insurance and worker's compensation in case of an accident?

Yes. We are fully-licsenced and insured.

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Is my air cleaning company trained and certified to clean and maintain my HVAC system?

Our air cleaning specialists meet the highest level of performance through industry events and in-house trainings. Learn more about us.

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Is my air cleaning company available 24/7 for all my maintenance needs?

Yes! Call us anytime.