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24/7 Service

We understand your kitchen exhaust system is the backbone of your business. 

We also understand time is money which is why we use heavy duty, state of the art, truck mounted equipment and arrive ready to resolve NFPA and exhaust system code violations preventing your restaurant from operating optimally.



A properly functioning kitchen exhaust system is critical to the health and safety of your employees and customers. When properly maintained, your facility's ventilation systems will provide you with years of trouble-free service.


Restaurant Exhaust System Installations

We will install your entire system from hoods and ducts to fans and platforms. We offer custom welding and fabrication for unique spaces.


System Repair and Maintenance

Our team of highly trained technicians provides round the clock service 365 days a year to reduce downtime and lost revenue.


Commercial Air Duct Cleaning

We specialize in commercial air duct systems. Call us to ask about make-up air systems.

Get to Know Us

Apex Ventilation Group's certified technicians use state of the art techniques for restaurant exhaust system installation and maintenance. We're the team you want to call to resolve NFPA and exhaust system code violations that are preventing your restaurant from operating optimally. We continually educate our team of experts to meet the highest level of performance through industry events and in-house trainings.

John Fortin, Rox Diner, Toast Office and Grateful Dedham Diner

“Across 15 years of restaurant ownership, APEX has been the best hood vent servicing company I've worked with. They take the scheduling headache away which never leaves me out of code on an inspection, and they are super helpful with each location's particular needs. Hood cleaning is a realm of the restaurant business that has a LOT of unethical players. APEX, however, is refreshingly professional, responsive and reasonable. Highly recommend.” 

Markus Ripperger, Cheers Boston

"Apex is always ready to solve any issues we have encountered for over the 20 years we have worked with them."

Ron Zanazzo, The Establishment Restaurant

“Had an emergency call and Toby and Freddie were tied up on another job but made a call to an associate and the repair was made promptly. Great service above and beyond! Quality service at a reasonable price is what Apex is all about!!”

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